winter storm

Winter Storm Grayson: Tips To Caring for Community Cats

Check out to help you keep community cats safe and warm through chilly temperatures, wind, and snow:

• Insulate the cats’ shelters with strawnot hay. Remember, the more straw the better! Cats can burrow in it to stay warm and cozy. It’s also important to add straw as needed throughout the season, especially before a storm or a cold snap.

• Provide fresh food and water daily. In cold temperatures, water will freeze overnight. To slow freezing, use bowls that are deep, rather than wide. Place water bowls out of the wind as much as possible.

• Give cats extra food. Cats eat more in the winter, because they’re trying to conserve energy and stay warm. It’s best to give them food daily. Wet food freezes, so put out dry food as well (or just feed them dry food). If you provide wet food, heat it up first or use a heated bowl.

• Cats seek out warm, sheltered spots. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for a cat to crawl under the warm hood of a parked car as cats are drawn to the warmth of the engine compartment and the protection from wind and predators. Give the hood of your car a few taps before starting the engine.