Stop Animal Abandonment: Sparkle's Story

Animals are abandoned every day.  Rescue organizations spend countless hours working to save these animals.

Meet Sparkle. She is an affectionate, short-legged kitten rescued this week. While our volunteers were setting up for TNR, Sparkle ran up and started eating the dry food. She was starving.

Our volunteers took her to one of our vet partners the following day. The veterinarian called later to report Sparkle had a mass in her stomach. Paper towels were found in her stomach and intestines. Apparently, she had been dumped and was starving to the point she ate paper towels.

If Sparkle not been rescued, she would have died a slow and painful death from the mass of paper towels. 

OBACCP is grateful to report, with the help of our vet partners, Sparkle is recovered and seeking a loving forever home where she will never have to eat paper towels again.

In many states, including Alabama, it is illegal to abandon a dog or cat unless you legally transfer the dog or cat to another home or animal shelter. “Dumping cats is cruel and inhumane,” said Connie Brown, OBACCP volunteer.

Alabama law 13a-11-240b states:

(b) The word “cruel” as used in this article shall mean:  Every act, omission, or neglect, including abandonment, where unnecessary or unjustifiable pain or suffering, including abandonment, is caused or where unnecessary pain or suffering is allowed to continue.

Despite how much we love dogs and cats, there is still a huge pet homelessness problem.  Cruelty and neglect aside, this issue in the companion animal world can be solved. Contact a local shelter or rescue group before abandoning a companion animal. There is a better, more humane solution.

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Thank you Connie Brown, Joanne Campisi and 

Magnolia by The Gulf Animal Clinic for saving Sparkle.