January 24th Change A Pet's Life Day

January 24th, Change A Pet’s Life Day, is an entire day dedicated to encouraging shelter pet adoption, spreading awareness of shelter animal issues, along with recognizing the amazing volunteers, shelter workers, and rescue workers that help to make a difference in animals’ lives. There are so many things that YOU can do to better the life of an animal.

Adopt. Adopt a shelter pet and give an animal a loving home. Many shelters have adoption specials and discounts. View our pets for adoption on Petfinder.

Donate. Whether it’s monetary, blankets, or food, donating can be one of the most helpful things you can do for animals. Many shelters are non-profit organizations, making it difficult to keep up with the funds needed to purchase food and other animal necessities. Not only can donations provide basic needs, but it can also go towards an animal’s surgery or medications it needs to survive. Visit OBACCP Take Action page to register as a volunteer or donate

Volunteer. When we feel more connected to others, we become less absorbed in the normal stresses of daily life. Make new friends, improve your mental and physical health, and maybe develop new skills by volunteering with OBACCP. Research continues to find the benefits of volunteering include improved health. Many animals benefit from going on walks, simply being groomed, and being played with. Less sociable animals can start to get used to more human interaction, therefore allowing them to be better candidates for adoption. OBACCP needs your help in a variety of ways including: fundraising, marketing, trapping, building feeding stations and food collection. Please email us or register as a volunteer.

Share. Share the OBACCP Facebook, Instagram and website with your friends and family. Help us raise awareness about Trap Neuter Return in the Orange Beach community.